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Our extra-special ‘Singing is Breathing‘ T-Shirts are now on-sale, priced $25
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Singing is Breathing T-Shirt Sale Pink


Only $25 with FREE Shipping (USA) rates apply for international: The Ideal Gift for the Singer in your Life... and be a member of the Executive Producers Club (certificate provided with shirt)

The “Singing Is Breathing” T Shirt, designed by Everybody Sings Project,helps fund the broadcast, cyber-classroom and other programs including the “Lung Up” program to help strengthen our lungs for exposure to Covid-19 and post-covid recovery. Typically we promote the health benefits of singing, but our board has pivoted to an immediate need, STRONG LUNGS. We look forward to the days in school auditorium presentations again, but for now let’s work together and build our lung strength.
You know a singer who will love this wonderful shirt…please support our cause.

The ‘Singing is Breathing’ V neck T-Shirt is made from high quality 50/50 cotton, available in many sizes & FREE SHIPPING within the USA. In the EU, UK etc. a $9.00 shipping charge applies.
Proceeds benefit the Everybody Sings Project, a public charity that promotes the health benefits of singing.We are a 501c3 Public Charity.
Click on the link to purchase or call one of these numbers for fast phone orders. In the USA call 203-794-4377 In Western Europe +44-20-3936-5353 and in Central Europe +36-1-659-5922.