Celebrating Queen Live in St. George, Utah, 17th March 2022

Everybody Sings Project is delighted to present Celebrating Queen live in St. George Utah on March 17th 2022.
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Freddie Mercury inspired Covid-Era Lung Strengthening Program

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Italy’s Susy Lertora, Singing and Spinning to Queen, MAKING STRONGER LUNGS….

The Everybody Sings project urges everyone, including healthy individuals without covid-19, to consult a doctor to ensure their physical limitations are not pushed to the extreme when performing these exercises.

We are Seeking Participants for a Lung Strengthening Study

Las Vegas Area
We need non-singers
We Need Non-Athletes

Learn More, email lungup@everybodysingsproject.org 

We are Promoting Lung Strengthening for the Covid Era

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Improving Lung Capacity Pre- and Post-COVID-19


Inspired by Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury Wembley

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Singing is Breathing

Our “Singing is Breathing” T-Shirts are now available for purchase, with all proceeds supporting the Everybody Sings Project.


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The “Singing Is Breathing” T Shirt, designed by Everybody Sings Project,helps fund the broadcast, cyber-classroom and other programs including the “Lung Up” program to help strengthen our lungs for exposure to Covid-19 and post-covid recovery. Typically we promote the health benefits of singing, but our board has pivoted to an immediate need, STRONG LUNGS. We look forward to the days in school auditorium presentations again, but for now let’s work together and build our lung strength.
You know a singer who will love this wonderful shirt…please support our cause.

The ‘Singing is Breathing’ V neck T-Shirt is made from high quality 50/50 cotton, available in many sizes & FREE SHIPPING within the USA. In the EU, UK etc. a $9.00 shipping charge applies.
Proceeds benefit the Everybody Sings Project, a public charity that promotes the health benefits of singing.We are a 501c3 Public Charity.
Click on the link to purchase or call one of these numbers for fast phone orders. In the USA call 203-794-4377 In Western Europe +44-20-3936-5353 and in Central Europe +36-1-659-5922.

The Everybody Sings Project

We are a Fun and Educational 501c3 Public Arts, Health and Educational program with a mission to promote the healthy benefits derived from singing.

Everybody Sings Project, Inc shall soon be promoting “Lung Up America for the Covid Era“, a Freddie Mercury audience “call back” inspired lung strengthening and breathing exercise regimen designed to benefit everyone – Smokers included!

Covid-19 is here and it shall be for some time. Many millions of us, if not all of us, will be exposed. Covid attacks the lungs. We may not think of it, but now is the time to improve our individual (and as a population) our cumulative lung health. The virus is unforgiving to our neighbors who have already been infected, leaving the human lungs with a lot of scarring.

Lung Up America promotes exercising recovering lungs so that the individual has the least amount of damage, and perhaps maintain lung function from before their Covid battle. We are currently in production with our hosted video version of these breathing exercises.

We will be releasing the video along with our press release shortly. 

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